Helsinki Open

Table Football Competition

24th and 25th May 2008



We are happy to announce a competition venue! The competiton will be played at the Youth Center of Torpparinmäki. The address of the venue is Ylä-Fallin tie 54, Helsinki (Map). 

The venue is about 10 km from the Helsinki International Airport. There are good public transport connections from the downtown of Helsinki to the venue. There is also a grocery store near the venue and lots of parking space. 

Participant fee will be 10 euro per day.

The Final list of players OPEN (17.5.2008):

  Name (Ranking Apr 08) Nat. Club IO
24th May
25th May
1. Philippe Hipfinger (66) Brussels SC X X
2. Jon Henning Bergane (79) Skien Wildcats X X
3. Anders Buhl Hansen (88) Lega Liga Odense X X
4. Jani Mustonen (249) TFC Lynx X X
5. Anders Bergane (253) Skien Wildcats X X
6. Svein Arne Brekke (264) Skien Wildcats X X
7. Marko Karhunen (291) USC Utrecht X X
8. Teemu Sihvola (303) SISU TFC X X
9. Sondre Nordjordet (393) Skien Wildcats X X
10. Miku Leppälä (435) TFC Lynx X X
11. Marko Tiikkaja (730)   X X
12. Vesa Kouvonkorpi (731) HeSu PJK X X
13. J-P Hölttä (880) TFC Lynx X X
14. Timo Ekholm (930) HeSu PJK X X
15. Kari Hakkarainen (931) HeSu PJK X X
16. Kai Grönfors (1103) HeSu PJK X X
17. Juho Sihvola (1105) SISU TFC X X
18. Wille Hölttä (1107) TFC Lynx X X
19. Jarkko Hantunen (-) SISU TFC X X
20. Ile Tuominen (-) PSK X  
21. Jere Tuominen (-) PSK X  
22. Mikko Nevalainen (-) TFC Lynx X X
23. Aapeli Kyyrä (-)   X  
24. Mika Mäkelä (-) PSK X X
TOTAL 24 21

Registration was closed at the 17th May 2008.